Australian Combined Charts

Broad Money vs. Total Credit

Chart shows year-on-year percent change in Broad money (purple line) and Total Credit (orange line) taken from the Growth in Selected Financial Aggregates and the Lending and Credit Aggregates series. The grey line shows the difference between Broad Money and Credit; Total. 

  • Data is sourced directly from the Reserve Bank of Australia and compiled using R. Charts created using ggplot2 and published using Plotly.
  • From July 2019, the financial aggregates are compiled using an improved conceptual framework and a new data collection. This is referred to as the Economic and Financial Statistics Collection. Various movements from the June 2019 to July 2019 reporting periods are sizable, in part because the new data collection more consistently classifies loans according to their purpose. For more information, see Updates to Australia’s Financial Aggregates (source RBA).