Historically, commercial banks have been thought of as institutions that take money from savers and lend it to borrowers. That is, as financial intermediaries. In recent times, this idea has been turned on its head.

Introduction Here’s a question. Who do you think owns the money in your current bank account(s)? If you are still thinking about it, let me make it easier for you by giving you four options:

Introduction In my previous article I discussed what money is in Australia and highlighted that most of the ‘money’ is in the form of bank deposits. It only takes a quick look at the Reserve

Introduction Welcome to part two of this series about money in Australia. Part one explored the Bank of England’s (BOEs) definition of money and discussed the first type of money (i.e. currency) in the modern

Introduction Money is a fascinating topic. It is arguably one the most influential factors in all our lives and yet it is arguably the least understood. So what exactly is money? Have you ever asked